Welcome to Building Bridges which is an interactive and integrative Workshop. My name is Gerda Reissner and I am the director of this project. This Project will utilize both, the visual and performing arts as a vehicle to promote positive human developement and brotherhood.


Our aim is to work against all forms of discrimination whether it be age discrimination, race discrimination, sex discrimination, religious discrimination in additional to social and class discrimination. In addition to this our goal is to show how art breaks down all human barriers and brings us harmoniously together as a global nation of human beings.

For this project we brought together people from all walks of life, different ages, professions, interests, and last but not least, languages. People from 12 different countries participated.

  • Gerda Reissner  - Austria, teacher and project director
  • Tony Lardge - USA (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl) - Creative and Activity Director
  • Sabine Gösker - Germany, Photography and Website
  • David Jablonski - Austria, IB Film student - Movie
  • Julia Reissner - Austria, Creative Assistant to Mr. Tony Lardge
  • Eva de Mole - Austria, Second Assistant
  • Mela Maresch - Austria, Art Educator Essl Museum
  • Students from the Middleschool Schopenhauerstraße, 1180 Vienna:
    Naif - Egypt
    Voislav  - Serbia
    Raiman - Chechnya
    Andeljka - Serbia
    Tarik - Bosnia
    Alper - Turkey
    Roberto - Romania
    as well as their headmaster, Erika Tiefenbacher, and Bettina Felzmann, www.schop79.at
  • Ingrid Teufel - 'Jedes Kind', 'Schule im Aufbruch'
  • Members of the initiative 'Klosterneuburg hilft' and their friends:
    Stefanie Schmid - www.deutsch.fit and her mother Friederike Schmid
    Dr. Marlies Bauer
    Elise Penzias
    Letizia Wastavino - Chile, Yoga Instructor Trimotion
    Mingul Seitkazieva - Kyrgystan
  • Faisal Ali - Iraq
  • Rebecca Gösker, Lora Kmentt, Alissa Jachs - IB class of 2015


Our project comprises of different parts, you may follow them visually via the links provided above.

Some of the People